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We provide a complete range of pest and moisture control services to help keep your home clean, safe, and comfortable year-round.


First one shows up, then another and two days later there are hundreds of them just marching around your countertop!


In addition to being an all-around nuisance, cockroaches can spread disease and trigger allergic reactions.


If spiders are living in your home or business, that means they have access to food; other insects.


If left untreated a termite infestation will literally eat apart your home, turning once solid wood into Swiss cheese.


They are fast, annoying, bite and can cause disease. They can ruin any day in the yard.


Moisture Control Services

Adverse moisture conditions can cause a variety of issues from mold and fungal growth to structural damages and more.

Pest Control Plans

Pest Shield Plan

Our Exclusive every other month pest control service which includes almost all household pests.

Pest Shield Plus Plan

Covers you for everything in the Pest Shield Plan plus our Premium termite protection in Sentricon®!

Sentricon® | America’s #1 Termite Control System

Less than 4% of termite companies in the United States are Certified Sentricon Specialists™. This distinction means we’ve been trained extensively to sell and service the Sentricon® System for termite colony elimination.

Sentricon® | America's #1 Termite Control System

Our house was over run with ants this past summer.

Thanks to Bust-a-Bug they are no more. Now that that fall is here I haven't seen any cockroaches or rodents trying to move in on us either. The tech that comes to our home is professional and very, very thorough. I highly recommend this awesome company to anyone in need of pest control services.

-William Bisbee

The team at Bust-A-Bug provides ongoing treatment for 2 of my properties.

They are reliable, professional and have outstanding customer service! If you are looking for an inspection or yearly treatment, give them a call. You won't be disappointed!

-Danielle Brinson

The team at Bust-A-Bug are awesome!

We were able to enjoy our pool all summer long and it was great. Without them the mosquitos were out of control. They are always on time, very customer focused and we really are glad they handle our pest needs.

-George Russo

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