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Bust-A-Bug Ant Pest Control Services

Expert Ant Pest Control for Your Home

A few annoying ants can easily become a big issue for your home and property. Bust-A-Bug’s professional ant pest control services include:

  Highly effective pest control methods that are safe for family members and pets

  Same-day service when you call before 1pm

  Monitoring, perimeter treatments, routine visits, and more

Our team has the experience to rid your home of ants and keep them gone for good, and we back up our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Small Pests, Major Problems

Our ant pest control services eliminate common ant species like sugar ants, carpenter ants, Argentine ants, and fire ants, as well as over 50 other types of pests. If left to persist, an ant infesation may cause issues like:

  • Structural damage – Certain specias can burrow into wooden structures, weakening them and leading to structural instability in severe cases. Others may chew through electrical wiring.
  • Food contamination – Ants can infiltrate food storage areas, contaminating food with their feces, saliva, and bacteria, leading to health risks if consumed.
  • Painful stings and allergic reactions – Fire ant stings leave the affected area red, swollen, and itchy. According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information, they can also cause severe reactions in those who are allergic.

Ants can be active any time, but they’re especially busy during certain months – typically from March through October. At Bust-A-Bug, we offer pest control plans that keep your property ant-free all year.

Why Choose Bust-A-Bug?

We're Pet & Family-Friendly

A thick coat of fur won’t protect your pets (or your uncle Jim) from harmful pesticides – but we will!

Our ant pest control methods are efficient and safe for pets and people, ensuring a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Proven Satisfaction

We value our clients and strive to exceed their expectations. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that your ant control needs are addressed promptly and efficiently. We’ll guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have. Check out our reviews to learn more!

Personalized Service

We understand that every home is unique, and ant pest control requires a tailored approach. We’ll help you choose the plan that targets the specific needs of your property.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the pest control industry, our skilled technicians are trained to tackle ant infestations of any scale. We stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements in ant control so you receive the most effective and efficient solutions available.

Signs You Need an Ant Pest Control Expert

Ants are always on the hunt for food and water. Even a few crumbs on the counter or drops of water in the sink can be enough to attract them in. While spotting an ant here and there isn’t always serious, these are some of the signs that the problem may be bigger than it first appears.

  • Recurrent Infestations – If you’ve attempted DIY ant control methods multiple times without success, or if ant infestations keep recurring despite your efforts, it’s time to consult a pest control expert for a more comprehensive solution.
  • Nesting sites – Discovering ant nests in or around your home, such as in walls, ceilings, or outdoor landscaping features, is a clear indication of an ant infestation that requires professional treatment.
  • Multiple ant mounds outside your home – Even small hills can house thousands of ants!

Ant infestations can impact a family’s quality of life and mental well-being. If you suspect you have an ant problem, give us a call!

The team at Bust-A-Bug are awesome!

We were able to enjoy our pool all summer long and it was great. Without them the mosquitos were out of control. They are always on time, very customer focused and we really are glad they handle our pest needs.

-George Russo

Great company!

Great company! Very courteous, professional and thorough. Highly recommend!

-Kymberly Pomares

I use this company for both of my properties.

I use this company for both of my properties. They handled multiple pest issues with fantastic customer service. Marty is the best tech ive ever seen!!

-Ben Munson

I seriously LOVE this business.

They have helped me very much. Marty is the fella that has made my life so much better. The office is also wonderful! I love everything about them. If you need a service, this is the one to get!!! You will not be disappointed!

-Maureen L

I would definitely recommend Bust-A-Bug for extermination services!

They have a friendly team, great work, good communication, and options to customize the level of service you need for an affordable price.

-Katie Campbell

How We Take Care of Your Home

Family in their front yard after receiving roach pest control services

1. Give Us a Call to Schedule an Appointment

When it’s time for us to arrive, we send a call-ahead message to let you know in advance that we’re on our way.

2. We Treat Your Home Using Safe Pest Control Methods

We do both exterior and interior treatments as needed to be sure the pests are eliminated.

3. We Schedule Routine Visits to Keep Pests Under Control

We return to your home for follow-up treatments, check your property, and make sure the pests don’t return.

Why Bust-A-Bug Makes Sense For You

We use highly effective, pet-friendly ant pest control methods to keep your home pest-free. Our certified technicians have undergone rigorous training to achieve Quality Pro Status to ensure the safest and best results for your entire family.

We understand the stress of pests!

Pests can cause anxiety and disease, as well as just be unsightly. With our preventative plans we can help reduce this using our pet-friendly and proven to work plans.

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Our Customer satisfaction pledge.

You can rest easy, knowing that we back up our work with our 100% guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll keep working until you are.

Our company is part of an elite group!

Your technician has undergone 3 background checks, as well as many hours of classroom and field training before being at our level of standards to service homes.

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