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PestShield protects your home from: Ants, Roaches, Wasps, Spiders and more!

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PestShield protects your home from most household pests. Our service targets pest entry and exit points for maximum effectiveness, backed up by our Pest Guarantee!
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How we protect your home;

We use our integrated pest management techniques to identify problems or future areas of concern.

We then implement our solution designed for your home.

Each visit we monitor and implement the next stage of the plan as required.

The goal being preventative treatments each time we come to give you peace of mind!.


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Our house was over run with ants this past summer.

Thanks to Bust-a-Bug they are no more. The tech that comes to our home is professional and very polite. I highly recommend this awesome company to anyone in need of pest control.

-William Bisbee

The team at Bust-A-Bug provides ongoing treatment for 2 of my properties.

They are reliable, professional and have outstanding customer service! If you are looking for an inspection or yearly treatment, give them a call. You won’t be disappointed!

-Danielle Brinson

The team at Bust-A-Bug are awesome!

We were able to enjoy our pool all summer long and it was great. Without them the mosquitos were out of control. They are always on time, very customer focused and we really are glad they handle our pest needs.

-George Russo

Great company!

Great company! Very courteous, professional and thorough. Highly recommend!

-Kymberly Pomares

Professional and courteous service.

Professional and courteous service. We haven’t had any more ant invasions since their visit! Would definitely recommend them.

-Janet Sutter

Great job of getting rid of the roaches and ants.

Martin your tech did a great job of getting rid of the bugs and roaches and ants both at her office and her home very happy with the Bust a Bug service

-Brian Chalsma

I use this company for both of my properties.

I use this company for both of my properties. They handled multiple pest issues with fantastic customer service. Marty is the best tech ive ever seen!!

-Ben Munson

Bust a Bug, has been wonderful.

Bust a Bug, has been wonderful. After years with a prior pest control company we can say it is refreshing to work with the Bust a Bug team. They are professional, responsive, we also enjoyed our best summer outside in our yard with our mosquito control they provided.

-Owen Van Sykle

Bust a Bug is by far the best.

I have used a couple other companies, but Martin Carroll with Bust a Bug is by far the best. Martin has been on top of things and no longer have an issue. Bust a bug will be the only company I will use from this point forward.

-Jeff Whitehurst

We had critters living in our garage

Not sure what kind of critters were living in our garage, but the evidence they were leaving behind has stopped! Great service and very professional!

-Marcia Frye

See Why Our PestShield Program is So Effective

1. Sweep Spider Webs
We sweep all spider webs around the perimeter of your home as well s knock down any wasp nests we see.
2. Liquid Perimeter Treatment
We treat all entry points for pests into your home with a repellent to stop the pests from wanting to enter.
3. Granular Perimeter Treatment
We apply a granular bait around the perimeter of your home as well as close by bushes we feel pests may be hiding in.
4. Indoor Treatment
As needed we will apply bait aimed at specific pests usually found in bathrooms, kitchens or Laundry rooms.

… more about PestShield

Is it safe:
Our certified technicians are trained in the methods of Quality Pro which ensure we use Integrated Pest Management techniques. The old techniques of treating your home inside have changed. Upon request we will treat with bait inside your home for ants or roaches if ever needed. We take great care in our diligence of applying a liquid barrier to repel the pests from wanting to come into your home. We also use a granular bait to prevent them on the exterior.

Working Together:
Along with servicing your home, your technician will alert you of any conditions that are conducive to pest pressure. By working hand in hand we will achieve a better experience for a pest-free home as well as potentially help you save on other home required expenses.

By only requiring to treat the exterior we do not need access to your home unless you request it. This allows us to come as your plan is designed and keep up the preventative treatments in a timely manner to achieve your pest-free home and allowing you that free time to do your own thing.

No Charge For Call-backs:
If for any reason you ever need us in-between services, let us know and we will come and take care of any pest issues at no extra charge.

Are Termites a concern?:
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