They're fantistic for the environment, but can be dangerous near your home.

The Problem With Bees

Many bees that take up residence in your home or property can sting, and will often swarm and do so when disturbed.

Bees benefit the environment in many ways, however, it is inconvenient and possibly dangerous to let a beehive thrive near your home. It is important to properly identify the species living near your home, as bees are often mistaken for wasps due to their similar physical characteristics. Different methods are used for wasp and bee control, so effective treatment relies upon proper identification.

There are many kinds of bees from the docile and helpful honey bee to the dangerous Africanized killer bee. Some bees will build nests in the ground, while others will build them in trees, off roof eaves, or even within the walls of your home. Bee infestations are very common in the spring and summer months. Before attempting any kind of bee removal, you should seek the help of a licensed professional who can identify which type of bee you are dealing with and recommend an appropriate bee treatment.

Here’s How We Take Care of Bees

Important: Bee hives are very important to our environment and need to be removed professionally and it’s important to protect the bees and the homeowner.

Carpenter Bees: When using any method of bee control, it is also necessary to know effective application strategies, as well as the limitations and dangers associated with each method such as Carpenter Bees. In many regions, special licenses are required to treat infestations. The only way to really get rid of bees is to remove the hive entirely. This precarious task requires the correct tools and strategy. For safety and efficiency purposes, a pest control expert should be consulted before any bee removal or bee control technique is attempted.  If you are having a Bee Control problem, please call us today for a free inspection, and estimate by a licensed professional!


The first thing we’ll do is perform a free onsite inspection. It’s important to identify if it’s a bee, carpenter bee, or wasp.


If they are bees, a professional beekeeper will be brought in to safely remove the hive. Treatment will be applied to carpenter bees.


Further assessment may be needed to determine if any structural damage has been done to buildings.

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