Wasps & Hornets

They can swarm and sting; especially dangerous for those with allergies.

What Wasps Do In Your Home

The word hornet is often used interchangeably with bee or wasp, though they are all different species. The bald-faced hornet looks like a large yellow jacket except for the white markings on it. European hornets are also common but are less aggressive. They have a reddish brown appearance.

Unlike bees, wasps are capable of stinging multiple times. Wasps are mildly aggressive, and they will sting if they are provoked. Unless the person stung is allergic, most wasp stings will only cause minor pain and discomfort. Because of the risk of being stung, Virginia Beach wasp removal is best done by a professional wasp exterminator with the proper equipment.

Here’s How We Take Care of Wasps & Hornets


The first thing we’ll do is perform a free onsite inspection to determine if they are hornets, wasps, or bees. We’ll then outline the steps required to solve the problem.


Required treatments carried out with various visits until the problem is taken care of.


A scheduled routine visit to put a preventative plan in place to monitor and prevent/treat any further hornets or wasps from coming back.

Wasps that take up residence in your home or property can sting, and will often swarm and do so when disturbed. Wasp stings can be serious as even just one can be enough to send a person with an allergy into anaphylactic shock. Hornet and wasp removal requires specialized equipment and can be dangerous. 



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