Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions Service Agreement Terms & Conditions

        1. Pest Control Terms & Conditions (Termite Terms & Conditions below Pest)
  1. An essential part of this pest control agreement and treatment is the cooperation of the Purchaser with Bust-A-Bug during the lifetime of this agreement and hereby agrees to maintain the premises free from any factor and/or condition contributing to continued infestation/re-infestation by insects, rodent and other vermin such as, but not limited to: proper sanitary practices or building practices as may or may not be recommended by Bust-A-Bug personnel.
  2. The Prices listed on this agreement include labor and materials required to control the specified pest(s). Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions is hereby authorized and directed to use on or about the service premises such compounds and/or materials as it shall deem necessary to affect the treatment(s) contemplated by the execution of this agreement. Reasonable care shall be used in applying treatments(s); however, the nature of the work is such that any Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions shall not be responsible for damages to domestic animals; staining/discoloration and/or interior/exterior plants.
  3. All work is payable C.O.D. Monthly payments on delinquent accounts are due on or before the tenth day of each month. Failure to meet any payments when due shall render the installment feature of this obligation null and void and the remaining balance immediately payable in full. The Purchaser agrees to be responsible for all reasonable and customary collection fees and charges incurred by the Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions in the collection of the past due accounts. The highest interest rate allowed by law will be imposed on balances of delinquent accounts.
  4. Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions carries general liability insurance from accidents which may arise from operations performed under the execution of this agreement. Copies of the certificate of insurance are available to the Purchaser upon written request.
  5. All Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions technicians are registered and/or certified with the proper governmental agencies. An entomologist is available for consultation upon request (an additional fee may be charged).
  6. Should it become necessary to temporarily discontinue or suspend regularly scheduled service due to strikes, floods, embargoes, or cause beyond the control of Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions, it is understood that installments shall be suspended until service can be resumed. Temporary discontinuance of service will in no way breach this agreement.
  7. Any Call Backs between visits are included in your service.
  8. Any treatment or service frequency deviation from the reverse specifications involving extra costs of materials and labor will become an additional charge to the contract amount. No alterations or variations to the terms of this contract shall be valid unless made in writing and approved by an officer of Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions.
  9. The Purchaser of this agreement understands that this agreement is for a specified contract period as noted on the reverse side of this document. Should the contract be cancelled by the Purchaser prior to the completion of the scheduled service, the Purchaser agrees to pay Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions, in full, at the time of cancellation the balance of the contract price.
  10. The service agreement and accompanying documents signed at the time of purchase constitute the entire agreement between parties and no other representation or statement shall be binding upon either party, unless made in writing and approved by an Officer of Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions.

Sentricon® Subterranean Termite Colony Elimination System Limited Warranty
Terms & Conditions

  1. Sentricon with Always Active (Recruit HD®): This Agreement applies to the Control of Eastern Subterranean Termites (Reticulitermes flavipes) only. It is understood that Subterranean Termite Feeding on the Recruit HD® Bait is essential to the control of subterranean termites. Elimination of the Termite Colony shall be defined as “when Subterranean Termite Activity is absent in the Recruit HD Bait Devices®, where feeding activity is evident in the bait device, and no other cause can be determined to have interrupted the termite feeding activity, i.e. Pesticides, Lawn Care Materials, Excessive Water Sources, Weather Conditions, Disturbance of the Sentricon® Stations, etc. Once Termite Colony Elimination has been established and all existing termite damage has been repaired, the treated structure (may/will) be eligible for up to $250,000 in New Termite Damage Repairs. (Always Active Upgrade Clients: Existing Bust-A-Bug Termite Damage Warranties will run concurrently with the Sentricon Warranty until Colony Elimination has been established.) New Termite Damage is defined as damage that occurs after colony Elimination has been established and live termites are found in the structural damage.
  2. Future & Existing Damage (New Customers and Bust-A-Bug Retreatment Warranties): Bust-A-Bug is not responsible for the repair of either visible damage or hidden damage as of the date of this Agreement whether listed on the attached inspection graph or not. Because damage may be present in areas that are inaccessible to visual inspection, Bust-A-Bug does not and cannot guarantee that the damage disclosed on the inspection graph represents all of the damage present as of the date of this Agreement. This Agreement does not provide for the repair of existing Termite/Moisture or related damages regardless of the nature, cause or extent of the damages. Further, the Purchaser agrees to maintain the property free from moisture leaks, moisture damage, wood to soil contact, PolySteel or similar construction Drivit (Synthetic Stucco Systems) in contact with soil or ground masonry surfaces, etc., & other conditions conducive to Subterranean Termite infestation. It is understood and agreed to that when termite and moisture damage are located in the same area, that the moisture damage preceded the termite damage and Bust-A-Bug shall not be responsible for the repair of either and will not be covered under this warranty. (See #4)
  3. Additions and/or Alterations: This Agreement applies only to the property identified on the inspection graphs of the date of the initial installation. In the event that the covered premise is structurally modified, altered or changed, the purchaser will immediately notify Bust-A-Bug and purchase the required additional Sentricon Installation to restore the System to its original specifications. In the event of structural modification, Bust-A-Bug reserves the right to modify and/or adjust the Annual Maintenance Agreement fee.
  4. Water Leakage: The Customer hereby, acknowledges that water intrusion in structures is a serious matter with respect to subterranean termite control and severely impedes Bust-A-Bugs ability to achieve effect control. Water leaks and/or excessive structural moisture conditions in treated structures and leaks in interior/exterior walls areas or through the roof, walls, plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, chimneys or other areas not listed create conditions that render a structure highly susceptible to infestation from Subterranean Termites. Further, these conducive conditions allow for the development of “Aerial or Secondary Colonies” which exist independently of the original ground based colony. Therefore, the Purchaser agrees to maintain the premises free from these moisture conditions by making timely repairs to the structure. These areas are not covered by the Purchaser’s Warranty until such time as repairs are made & Bust-A-Bug has been provided the opportunity to reinspect the areas. The Purchaser also agrees to purchase any required service to restore the termite treatment to original specifications.
  5. Notice of Claims & Access to the Property: Any claim made under this Agreement shall be made in writing to Bust-A-Bug Pest & Crawl Space Solutions. Claims being submitted after the fact will not be considered unless Bust-A-Bug was provided the opportunity to inspect the property prior to any modifications. The Purchaser agrees to allow and provide complete access to the property for any purpose contemplated by this agreement, including but not limited to, reinspections where requested by the Purchaser or considered necessary by Bust-A-Bug. Any demolition, repairs or structural modifications made prior to Bust-A-Bugs inspection will void all warranties in those areas. Additionally, the customer agrees that any repairs made without prior written approval by an officer of Bust-A-Bug will not be covered by this warranty.
  6. Changes in Law or Economics: All services performed under this agreement shall be rendered in accordance with the requirements of the Federal, State and local laws and regulations. In the event of changes in the existing laws or regulations, as it pertains to the services promised herein, as economics dictate, Bust-A-Bug, at it’s discretion reserves the right to revise the fee structure, Annual Maintenance fee or terminate the agreement.
  7. Disclaimer: Liability under this Agreement will be terminated if Bust-A-Bug is prevented from fulfilling it’s obligations under this Agreement by reasons of delay in transportation, shortages of fuel, and/or other acts of God, or circumstances beyond the control of Bust-A-Bug. This Agreement does not cover and it is agreed that Bust-A-Bug is not responsible for:
    1.  Damage resulting from insects other than as specified in this Agreement,      moisture, fungus or Related causes.|
    2.  Damage resulting from masonry failure or grade alterations, Wood or EFIS in contact with the soil.
    3.  Damages to fences, attached or detached structures, landscaping, etc., unless expressly state in the original agreement.
    4. Any treatments rendered by other pest control companies.
    5. Any treatment rendered by a pest control company other than Bust-A-Bug, a homeowner/tenant, within 5 feet of any Sentricon component will void all warranties stated herein and relieve Bust-A-Bug from any further liability.
    6. Damages to structure or Sentricon Components due to flooding (tidal or other).
  1. Non Payment/Default: In the event of non-payment or default by the Purchaser, Bust-A-Bug reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, remove all components of the Sentricon System, terminate this Agreement and demand reasonable costs associated with the installation and removal of the Sentricon® System. Additionally, Bust-A-Bug shall demand reasonable attorney’s fees (33%) and collection costs from the purchaser whether suit is filed or not. The highest interest rate allowed by law will be imposed on balances of delinquent accounts.
  2. Annual Maintenance Agreement: Payment of the Annual Sentricon® Subterranean Termite Colony Elimination System Maintenance Fee will automatically extend this agreement for one additional year from the anniversary date. This Maintenance Agreement includes the Labor and Materials required to provide periodic monitoring and Bait new subterranean termite infestations with Recruit HD (Always Active Customers) in accordance with the Manufacturer’s treatment specifications. Prorated refunds will be given up to 90 days from the anniversary date minus Bust-A-Bugs non-refundable fees paid to DowAgrosciences by Bust-a-Bug. No refunds will be issued greater than 90 days from the anniversary date.
  3. Transfer of Warranty to new property owner: This Agreement and/or remaining warranty or Annual Maintenance Agreement are transferable to a new property owner upon written notification to Bust-A-Bug designating the name of the new property owner and date of property transfer.

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