Ants-Little Bodies, Big Impact

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Ants-Little Bodies, Big Impact

By: Amanda S


Who hasn’t had a run in with ants? I remember countless picnics and BBQs with uninvited guests. I also remember a fire ant attack on my sister growing up! Ants may be small, but they make a big impact on our ecosystem and our stress levels!

Ants are small insects that live in large colonies, usually underground. There are a few species of ants that make their homes elsewhere. For example, Army Ants are more nomadic and find food during migration, and Carpenter Ants prefer to live and eat in wood and can be harmful to buildings and homes.

Ants tend to get confused with termites for a few different reasons. They are both small with antennae, they both can have wings, and they are both from large families! The biggest difference between ants and termites is their waistline! No, not how much they can eat since they can both eat quite a lot! Both ants and termites have three segments to their bodies, but only ants have a defined thinner looking waist.

Ants do some cool things when they aren’t beings pesky pests. They can lift 20x their own body weight, they don’t have ears or lungs, and usually if they choose to fight, it is to the DEATH! They also help with the life cycle of plants and animals by churning soil while building their tunnels and even using decaying matter as well. In turn, their upcycling efforts make way for new life, both plant and animal!

There are some tips and tricks to help you keep ants outside your home, where they can do the best for everyone! Make sure to keep your home clean. This includes cleaning counters and surfaces and sweeping regularly to keep crumbs and debris from attracting them. Keeping moisture to a low with repairing leaky pipes and eliminating standing water. Cleaning your gutters and downspouts will also ensure that they have no moisture to thrive in! Make sure to keep your firewood at least 20ft from your home and keep your shrubbery well-trimmed.

While I know they can be a nuisance and scary if they are all entering your home uninvited at one time, there are additional steps you can take. If you have an infestation of ants and regular up-keep of your home isn’t enough, you need a pest control professional!

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