Argentine Ants

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Argentine Ants

By: Amanda S


Argentine Ants originally came from Argentina but now are found around the world. They breed rapidly and live in large colonies. Unlike other ant colonies, they have multiple queens who reproduce frequently to keep colony numbers up. They may be small, but they can sneak up on you with their numbers!

Ants are small insects that live in large colonies, usually underground. There are a few species of ants that make their homes elsewhere. For example, Army Ants are more nomadic and find food during migration, and Carpenter Ants prefer to live and eat in wood and can be harmful to buildings and homes.

Homeowners and businesses alike can be affected by an Argentine Ant infestation. They thrive in high moisture areas. These can include around bricks or lining for landscaping, in potted plants, and even dark and damp cracks and crevices of your home.


Argentine Ants are considered a seasonal pest. They tend to not reproduce during the colder winter months. The colony is still active during these months, but there are no new members until around March. Because of how quickly they reproduce, it can be hard to treat an infestation yourself. The sprays are not effective because they will simply create more colony members for those lost. Partnering with a Pest Control Specialist in your area can provide the solution you need. They will have access to bait that the colony will take back with it and feed to the rest of the colony. This bait will effectively reduce the colony making the infestation more manageable.

Some other tips you can do alongside treatments and a partnership with a Pest Control Specialist to ensure success are keeping your home and yard clean and free of debris and trash. Being aware of high moisture opportunities while landscaping to reduce moisture levels. Even exclusion work to seal entry points, cracks, and crevices in and around your home can help to eliminate opportunities for water and moisture to collect.

Bust-A-Bug offers solutions for your ant troubles. We know how ant colonies work and we work to bait the high traffic areas, identify ant trails, and work alongside you and your family to ensure an infestation does not affect your life. If you are worried about ants at your home, let us help! We offer convenient, effective, and affordable treatment options, plans, and pricing to fit every need and budget. Call our office today at (757) 821-5420 to learn more about PestShield Pest control and how it can be the solution you need for ants by clicking this link,


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