Mosquitoes: Bold, Bitey, & Bothersome!

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Mosquitoes: Bold, Bitey, & Bothersome!
Amanda Styer

Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? They need a blood meal to make more mosquitoes!

While we may find mosquitoes bold, bitey, and bothersome, they do serve a purpose. Mosquitoes are great pollinators and without them life wouldn’t be the same. They are also a food source for fish and birds.

Did you know?? There are over 200 species of mosquitoes but only a small number can carry and share dangerous diseases. And only a few of those types of mosquitoes can lead to an outbreak in your community. It is important to take precautions and be proactive when it comes to mosquito control. While we don’t want to lose them entirely, we also do not want them to get out of control.

The most common type of mosquito for Hampton Roads is the Asian tiger mosquito and they tend to bite more during the daytime.  They are attracted to containers or tree holes for ideal breeding.

Mosquitoes need standing water to breed. It doesn’t take much water to make the perfect nursery. As small as a soda bottle cap of water can be enough to breed 50 mosquitoes! Checking around your home for moisture concerns with plants, crawlspaces, and debris is the first step to get started with mosquito control.

Another way you can keep yourself and your family safe is by using mosquito repellants when you plan to be outside. Mosquito repellants deter mosquitoes from getting too close. This helps you from getting bitten. Another fun fact, mosquitoes’ main food source is nectar, not people! There are different types of mosquito repellants such as bug sprays, citronella, and essential oils, just to name a few.

Did you know that mosquitoes aren’t strong fliers?? Using fans is a great idea to keep them from getting too comfortable in your presence.

We also recommend partnering with a pest professional if what you have tried isn’t working. We offer both Natural and Green mosquito treatments for your family that when used with other measures can drastically reduce the number of mosquitoes welcome at your family BBQs.

Are you ready to take back your yard this season? Bust-A-Bug has solutions for your mosquito troubles. We know how mosquitoes work. If you are worried about mosquitoes at your home, let us help! We offer convenient, effective, and affordable treatment options, plans, and pricing to fit every need and budget.

Call or text our office today at (757) 821-5420 to learn more about MosquitoShield and how it can be the solution you need for mosquitoes by clicking this link,



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