Wasps: Don’t Bee Confused!

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Wasps: Don’t Bee Confused!

By: Amanda S


Who hasn’t encountered a wasp? Maybe at a picnic? Maybe taking out the trash? They have been around since the Jurassic, and I think it would be safe to assume that they may have annoyed even the feistiest of dinosaurs back then! The most common wasps we encounter are Yellowjackets and Hornets.

Although wasps are usually not the favorite guests, they are great pest control professionals. They target insects that can be harmful in gardens and crops! Adult wasps provide these insects to their young who are carnivorous. Adult wasps prefer nectar and the sweeter things in life. While a few species can help with pollination, majority of wasps do not aid in pollination. Wasps and bees sometimes get confused. The biggest difference is that wasps have a more defined waist. They also have considerably less hair!

More often, we encounter wasps and their stings in late summer and early fall. This marks the end of the breeding season for wasps and brings them out of their nests and on the hunt for sweet things! This means they are looking for the bright colors, sweet flavors, and snacks! By keeping food covered and avoiding bright colors, you can help to avoid drawing them near to you while you are out.

Some other ways to avoid inviting wasps to join you are to burn citronella candles or grow strong smelling plants. You can also use peppermint oil to deter them from joining a party!

One important thing to remember when avoiding wasps, is if you spot a wasp, don’t swat it! When wasps are swatted or squished, they release a pheromone that calls to their wasp friends and says, “Avenge my death, Brothers!” (Trust me, no one wants that to happen!)

If you run into a wasp and end up getting stung, there is some basic first aid that can be helpful! Make sure to remove the stinger. Clean the area with soap and water. Apply a cold compress if there are signs of swelling. This can be an ice pack or a cold wet cloth. Raise or elevate the area if swelling is bad. Seek medical assistance if you are allergic or show signs of an allergic reaction. Some over the counter pain killers or creams can help in reducing symptoms, but always check with a doctor or medical professional before using any medication.


If wasps are an issue at your home or office and you are finding it hard to avoid them, fear not! Pest control professionals are trained to handle these situations safely and effectively to keep you protected. Bust-A-Bug takes pride in servicing Hampton Roads and our community, and we include exterior wasp control (up to 12’ off the ground) in ALL our PestShield pest control packages. Call our office today at (757) 821-5420 to learn more or check out our PestShield packages for yourself, https://bustabugva.com/pest-control-services-and-various-plans-available/.


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